Jacob Volkov

Sul Sul!  I am Jacob Volkov, a pre-made teen werewolf living in Moonwood Mill, the world introduced with The Sims 4: Werewolves. I reside with my adoptive father, Kristopher Volkov, and Lily Zhu. I am the delta werewolf of the Moonwood Collective wolf pack.

I remember very little of my life before my transformation. I was apparently very young when I became lost in the woods between Moonwood Mill and Forgotten Hollow. During this time, I found myself hunted by a vampire and a feral werewolf, most likely Vladislaus Straud and Greg. The werewolf bit me, turning me into one of them, but before I could be further injured, Lou Howell intervened by recklessly taunting Greg. Kristopher found me soon after and took me in, and I have been a member of the Collective ever since.

I am close to my adoptive father, Kristopher, and my adoptive sister, Rory Oaklow. Despite Rory having her own wolf pack, the Wildfangs, Kristopher wants me to be the heir of his wolf pack. Despite our ideological differences, I love Rory very much and fear losing her. I also empathize with Lily's story of losing her cousins to the powerful vampire Vladislaus Straud.

*image lifted from glady's site
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Vladislaus Straud

Sul Sul! I am Vladislaus Straud, also known as Count Vladislaus Straud IV, Count Vladislaus Straud the First, or simply Vlad. I am a pre-made vampire residing in Forgotten Hollow, the world introduced in The Sims 4: Vampires. I live alone in the Straud Mansion lot and begin with §20,000.

I am a young adult who has lived for 43 days, though I am immortal in-game. Despite my young adult status, I both claim to be and appear as an elder; this is because vampires do not age past the young adult life stage. I have the Master Vampire aspiration and am currently unemployed. My skills include eight points in charisma and ten points in both pipe organ and vampire lore.

As a vampire, I have both a human form and a dark form. Apart from the size of my ears and eyes, my facial features remain the same in both forms. However, I look drastically different in my vampire form due to my lack of hair, including facial hair. My skin possesses visible facial lines as a vampire, and I have protruding fangs and radiating eyes.

And...Oh, my!  What a lovely neck you have there!

*image lifted from https://www.patreon.com/wistfulcastle
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Agnes Crumplebottom


I am Agnes Crumplebottom, also known as Miss Crumplebottom in The Sims: Hot Date. During my lifetime, I resided in Pleasantview, one of the neighborhoods that ships with the games. I am the daughter of Simon and Prudence Crumplebottom, both of Pleasantview. I have an older sister, Cornelia Goth, making Mortimer Goth my nephew. I am also the widow of both Robert Crumplebottom and Erik Darling.

I make a return in The Sims 4: Cottage Living expansion pack, where I now live in the charming world of Henford-on-Bagley. Here, I own a garden stall with my cousin, Agatha Crumplebottom.

Not really looking for a partner here. Just want to know who to hit my purse with next.

*image lifted from @joshseoh

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Dominique Soto


Sul Sul! I am Dominique Soto (née Umeh), a pre-made townie Sim included with The Sims 4: My Wedding Stories. I am happily married to Camille Soto.

As an elder, I have lived 100 days by the start of the game. I aspire to be a Painter Extraordinaire and am currently unemployed. My skills include five points in cooking, three points in dancing, two points in handiness, and eight points in painting.

I was a secondary focus of the trailer for My Wedding Stories and am featured on the cover of the game pack. In the trailer, I secretly harbored feelings for my best friend Camille, who was engaged to an unnamed male Sim. During the wedding preparations, the couple disagreed on multiple things, including the cake and flowers. I watched from the sidelines, offering moral support. On the night of the bachelor(ette) party, Camille snuck away after her soon-to-be husband passed out from drinking too much, and I followed her. I comforted the bride-to-be and finally shared my romantic feelings for her, which she reciprocated. On the day of the wedding, Camille called off the wedding, broke things off with her fiancé, and began to date me. Camille and I then got married and remained friends with her ex. Eventually, we grew old together and had a vow renewal ceremony.

According to our family bio, I spend my days in the village square painting portraits and landscapes. I am here just looking for friends.

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Catarina Lynx


Sul Sul! I am Catarina Lynx, a Sim living in Brindleton Bay, the world introduced in The Sims 4: Cats & Dogs. I share my home with my four beloved cats: Doc, Cleo, Josie, and Bartholomew A. Bittlebun, Jr., and I don't have any known relatives. You can also unlock me as a townie in The Sims Mobile.

As a young adult, I'm 24 days away from becoming an adult. I work in the culinary career at level 3 as a caterer and aspire to be a Friend of the Animals. I love cooking, fishing, and gardening.

*image lifted from Google
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Victor Feng


Sul Sul! I am Victor Feng, a Sim residing in San Myshuno. I share my life and home with my wife, Lily Feng.

As an adult, I'm 24 days away from becoming an elder. I have a high-powered career in politics, currently at level 8 as a representative, and my aspiration is to be Fabulously Wealthy. My skills include seven points in charisma and six points in logic.

I'm a respected politician with significant influence, and together with Lily, we're planning to take over San Myshuno.

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Lia Hauata


Sul Sul! I am Lia Hauata, a pre-made Sim residing in Sulani, the beautiful world introduced in The Sims 4: Island Living. I live with my grandmother, Keala Hoapili.

As a young adult, I work as a writer and have reached level 4 in my career, working as an Advice Columnist. My aspiration is to become a Renaissance Sim. I have three skill points in both guitar and writing.

I identify and am set to female, but I have a masculine frame.

Hook me up if you're looking for some fun!

*image lifted from reddit/OnkeIiroh

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Darrel Charm

Sul Sul! I am Darrel Charm, a pre-made spellcaster residing in Glimmerbrook, the magical world featured in The Sims 4: Realm of Magic. I live with my elderly mother, Minerva Charm, my younger sister, Gemma Charm, and my fiancée, Emilia Ernest. My spellcaster rank is Adept, and I possess the Strong Bloodline trait.

Outside of my household, I am acquainted with Grace Anansi, Tomax Collette, and Simeon Silversweater. However, I have a slightly negative relationship with Tomax.

Since I am about to get married, my fiancée Emilia encouraged me to "explore" before we tie the knot. So, here I am. Anyone wanna explore with me?

*image lifted from Google

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